Cupping therapy’s is a treatment that has been around for years and can be found in many different cultures from ancient Egyptians, Chinese and middle western. One of the oldest medical text books in the world sees Ebers Papyrus describe how the ancient Egypt’s use it as far back as 1550BC.

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It has been brought over to the U.K. and made much more popular due to lots of A-list celebrities having this treatment, people such as; Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston, Callum best, Justin bieber, swimming athletic Micheal Phelps and so many more. These celebrities have been even seen walking the red carpet with the distinctive marks on their back. These marks are the release of toxins and stagnation’s from around the muscles being dragged away giving pain relief to aches and pains. The marks usually disappear within a few days to a week and don’t cause any pain to touch or to the skin and surrounding muscles.

This works by either using cold glass cups or warm glass cups that we add extra heat to with a flame, which one you have depends on your personal needs. The glass cup acts as a suction cup dragging the skin into the cup removing toxins and stagnation around the skin. This isn’t painful at all but can sometimes feel a slight tightness in the skin depending on your muscle state before the treatment. Usually cupping is a treatment that is done alongside acupuncture as they work extremely well together but you can have cupping as a treatment by itself. Each treatment can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour per session and a course of treatments is usually recommended to ensure you get the best results possible.