Our Massage technic is a highly beneficial treatment for your mind, body, and soul. We like to help relax all three by using different movements and manipulation techniques. We use different pressures to help remove toxins from within your body. Which helps to release any tight muscle aches during treatments. We offer two main treatments either deep tissue massage which is a full pressure treatment using a firm strength. Using different techniques on the desired areas of the body to remove tension, aches, and pains in the muscles. Lots of people that have a deep tissue treatment choose to do so if they have quite a lot of built-up tension in a given area.


Deep tissue massage can be a slightly uncomfortable treatment due to the amount of pressure we put on the muscles. To help release the tension but the long-term benefits can be amazing. This is due to the immediate release of the muscle from its spasm. Our other primary choice of treatment is a Swedish massage. This involves slightly less firm pressure along with different movements that will help to relax your muscles. In a gentler way but also aid your lymphatic drainage within your body.

You can have either a 60-minute full body treatment which will involve your face, chest, arms front and back of legs and full back neck and shoulders. Or you can have a 30-minute treatment which will treat one particular area which you may be more concerned with. Both types of massage are beneficial in different ways. The best way to decide what is best for you is to have a chat with our expert therapist who will give you the correct advice on what she thinks will be best for you


Hot stone massage is the method of using warm stones as well as your hands. This helps it become deeper with less pressure from the therapist as the stones have the natural weight behind them. The heat from the stones helps to warm your muscles helping them relax and soften quicker. Ensuring a more relaxing treatment which can be more beneficial to clients that find a deeper massage slightly uncomfortable.

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