Environ Skin Care

What is Environ skin care?

Environ skin care is part of the IIAA which stands for the International Institute for Anti-Ageing. This is one of the world’s leading brands in skin care and anti ageing. Environ was invented by Dr. Des Fernandes. His main ingredient within environ is Vitamin A. As they believe this is the oxygen the skin needs to stay protected and in good health. Environ is very different from any other skin care brand as it is not sold online to the public. It is only used by a specialist skincare therapist with the correct training they have received from IIAA.



60 minutes


90 minutes

Environs primary system slowly increases the dosage of Vitamin A. The higher in the step-up system you get and other ingredients so that your skin is less likely to have any reactions. Each facial is different for every client. Everyone needs different things from their skin care routine which is why Environ is so easy to use. You can mix and match every product without a reaction to your skin. With the main ingredient within their whole brand being Vitamin A. Along with other products that are already found in the human body. This means that when applied typically your skin will recognise and accept it so that it can do its job correctly. As well as having skin care products for facials IIAA. Will also work with an advanced nutrition program which is supplements that are full of vitamins to help boost the benefits of the Environ facials.



60 minutes

The IIAA also has a skin care makeup range called Jane Iredale which complements the facials and topical products. The three brands work in sync with each other as the supplements work external to internal. Facial products work external to internal, and the skin care makeup helps to set everything. Ensuring that everything is protected from any free radicals or lifestyle factors that can affect your skin.

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CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy) is a form of skin needling, this treatment is good for treating scarring anywhere on the face or body and also good for anti-ageing, tightening and brightening the skin to give it a more youthful glow. CST cannot be done as a facial treatment unless you have been on vitamin A for the recommended amount of time which will be explained to you by your therapist in your consultation. We always have an in-depth consultation with our clients about their skin before booking in an appointment to ensure your skin is at the optimum level to receive the most benefits from your facial.


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