Eyebrow and Lash Tinting

What is Eyebrow and Lash Tinting?

Eyebrow and Lash Tinting is the quickest, easiest and most pain-free way to have darker eyelashes and brows. There are lots of different colours you can have for tinting, but the main three are; black, brown and blue/black. Before having the treatment, the therapist will ask you what sort of shade you are looking for and what type of effect you want to have. After that has been discussed, we would start by removing makeup from the area to reveal the natural brow or lash colour. This is so we know the length of time that the tint has to stay on for. Different thickness or colours can take different times.

With eyebrow tinting, you would almost always use brown. You can get different shades of brown depending on how long you leave it on to develop. Usually, we try to get it to match your hair on your scalp, so that doesn’t become too dark. With tinting on your eyebrows, this can mean that drawing on eyebrows may not be needed. It will give the darker fuller effect that the drawing on gives. When having brows tinted we use a barrier cream on the brows to form the shape that we want them in. This will stop the skin from getting stained in that area. We then apply the tint for the length of time needed to achieve the specific shade that you wanted and then remove all with warm damp cotton pads.






When it comes to tinting eyelashes, it’s a real time saver as we use black or blue/black so that they are as dark as we can get them. This will ensure you don’t need to wear any mascara if you don’t want to. Although if you still choose to it would not affect the tinting at all. During your lash tint, your eyes are closed with a protective shield underneath your bottom eyelashes. So that the tint doesn’t print on your skin under your eyes. Then using a small brush, we apply the tint to your lashes ensuring that every eyelash is covered in the tint and then leave it on for the length of time required to achieve the desired look. We then remove it all gently with warm damp cotton pads.

With tinting, there is no do’s and don’ts as all the product is removed before you leave our beauty spa. There’s nothing for you to do afterwards. Usually, every 4-6 weeks you may want to think about having them re-done as the hair growth will start to show through the natural colour by then. Eyebrows may need to be done slightly more regular as there isn’t as much hair on your eyebrows. Like there is on your eyelashes also they’re exposed more to sunlight and washed daily when using facial creams etc. so the hairs come out more regularly than eyelashes do.


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