Our Waxing technic is the quickest and easiest way to remove hair from all areas of the body from legs, intimate areas, underarms and facial hair, etc. We start by checking the area for any cuts or abrasion to the skin while we use the pre-wax lotion on the area to cleanse it. We then use warm wax to smooth over the skin and hair then remove using a wax strip. This eliminates the hair from the area, and some areas may need to be gone over more than once to remove stubborn hairs. After all wax and hair have been removed using an antiseptic aftercare cream, we massage it into the treated area. This is to prevent any dirt or sweat entering the now open pores.

After a few of these treatments, your hair will start to take longer to grow back. It will also start to become finer, and some patches may even stop growing altogether. The more treatments you have, the more efficient this will become. The length of time between each treatment varies depending on your hair growth, thickness and the area of the body. Regular hair cycle is every six weeks, but if your hair grows quite quickly, then you may need to come in more regularly to have your waxing treatment done.

Waxing can be done for both men and women, but the hair growth is usually different in men and woman due to hormone differences. Waxing is highly beneficial as it saves you shaving the hair that can cause shaving rash, ingrown hair. There are other types of irritation to the skin whereas waxing pulls the hair out at the correct angle meaning there’s less likely to be any form of irritation and ingrown hairs as well as no razors cuts to the skin.

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