Dermaplaning is one of the newest treatments on the market which provides a deep exfoliation of the skin. Dermaplaning helps the reduction of fine lines, scars and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is suitable for all skin types which also includes pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Dermaplaning should always be carried out by a skin care specialist. Our specialist will use a scalpel at a 45degree angle using light feathering stroke movements to abrade at the skin this removes dead skin cells and vellus hair. Vellus hair is more commonly known as ‘peach fuzz’. With your vellus hair and dead skin cells taken away your skin is left glowing and brightened.


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The main concern with dermaplaning is that the vellus hair will grow back thick and dark, this is simply not true, the hair is superficial very fine hair so will grow back the same as before you had the treatment. With dead skin cells and vellus hair removed the products applied to the skin can penetrate much deeper into the dermis layers. Dermaplaning works well with most other facials as it helps products penetrate deeper so is great to use before a chemical peel or laser treatments. We recommend having this treatment every 4-6 weeks to achieve the best results.