Callus pedicure is a intense pedicure to remove hard unsightly calluses on the heel of your foot. The treatment takes 20 minutes so is great for a lunch time treat or it can be added used in conjunction with polish to give a full pedicure and summer ready finish.

The treatment begins with an assessment of your callus’, not everyone is suitable as if your callus are too bad you may be better going to a podiatrist first to remove the really hardened damaged skin then we can remove the underlying excess.

The lotion is applied in specific areas where needed on the foot, usually the heel of the foot. The foot is then wrapped in a cling film to give the lotion time to work and add heat to give it an extra boost.

Callus peel pedicure in Canterbury by Beauty Spa


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The callus lotion works quickly so is ready to come off within 15/20 minutes. The callus peel is removed by unwrapping the cling film lotion and then using a special plastic scraper we gently remove the lotion along with your hard skin. The pedicure is finished with a generous amount of specialised callus moisturiser to the whole foot to give it an extra boost and this is massage into the skin. Callus foot peel are very quick and effective so only need to be done once a month to keep on top of the callus.