Laser Tattoo Removal is done by using an intense laser light on the skin. This is where the tattoo pigment is and helps break down the pigmentation. Before having your first treatment, you will need to have a patch test and consultation. This is to make sure you’ve got no medical or health conditions which could affect your treatment. The patch test will determine any sensitivity you may or may not have to the laser light. You will need to wait approx two weeks for that to heal then you can have your first full treatment. Each treatment will be around every 4-6 weeks this will be dependent on your skin.


Starting from £25


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After each treatment, the tattoo removal still continues to work for another two weeks. Using your body to break down the pigmentation this is why we say it should be a minimum of every four weeks. Letting your skin have time to recover and continue working for that period. We take pictures of the tattoo as its being removed. Ensuring were covering every bit of the tattoo evenly and we can make any changes to the treatment as times goes on. The price of each treatment will be dependent on the tattoo’s age, size, colour. Was it a cover-up or was it professionally done or not professionally done. Some colours are harder to remove than others so it can sometimes take longer to break down certain aspects of tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal requires a patch test 48 hours prior to any treatment, the patch test is £20. Everyone needs a patch test as this will make sure you’re suitable for the treatment.

The cost of each treatment of your tattoo removal starts from £25 and will vary on each person depending on your tattoos condition, colour, size, age and location.

After your treatment, we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight or any sun exposure. It will be quite warm from the treatment, so you don’t want to add extra heat. The skin can sometimes be slightly sore and may even be red and sensitive to touch, but this is all normal. An aftercare sheet will be given to you that explains all the do’s and don’ts.