Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming the easiest long term solution to hair removal for both men and women. You can have laser hair removal done on almost any part of your body to remove unwanted hair. Before having your treatment, you will need a patch test and a consultation. This will determine if you are suitable for the treatment and also if you have any health or medical issues that could interfere with the treatment. The patch test makes sure that your skin doesn’t find the laser light irritating or react at all.



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After having your patch test, we wait one week before having your first treatment. This is just to confirm that your skin doesn’t have a delayed reaction to the laser light. You will then need to have your treatments every six weeks. This is the average hair growth cycle of both men and women. We want to get the hair in its most active stage to ensure that we remove it correctly. During the consultation and patch test, we can determine what cycle your hair is in at that moment. This will provide us with a good insight on how many treatments you will need. Treatments vary depending on the coarse thickness of the hair. Also, the area on your body and also any hormonal factors or medical and health conditions as these can all affect the hair cycle.

After you have finished your course of treatments, many people find that they don’t need to remove any hair themselves. But as your body is constantly trying to repair itself you can get some re-growth. If this does happen, you may need an extra treatment to remove that also.