Our Shellac Nail Polish is a brand from CND. It is a form of hardened gel nail polish which is an overlay to your natural nails, adding no extensions to your existing nails. It is none damaging so very safe to have on every day we suggest removing this every 2-4 weeks. Because your nails grow, the shellac will grow out leaving a slight re-growth at the base of your nails. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from you can also add glitter to give it an extra sparkle. This treatment starts as a typical manicure. Your nails are filed into the shape you would like them, either round, square, squoval, pointed or any other shape you would like.

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Using a cuticle softener, we gently massage it into the cuticle. By using a unique tool, we scrape off the excess cuticle as it’s unneeded on the nails. It can also lift the nail polish if it is not removed completely. We use a buffer we take the shine off the natural nails while also buffing out any ridges or uneven parts on your nails. By using a particular solution from CND called ‘scrub fresh’ on a cotton pad, we dehydrate the nails ready to apply the nail polish. Starting with a thin coat of base coat and then two coats of the chosen colour along with any glitter or extra’s then finally finishing with a top coat.

When applying each layer of nail polish, we put it in a particular LED lamp to cure. When the last coat comes out, we then use an exclusive solution from CND. Taking a slightly sticky layer off of the nail polish to give them their long lasting shine. It will make your nails non-chip for two weeks. After you’ve had your manicure, you can apply hand creams/oils, etc. to the nails. Just avoid picking or biting your nails and they will last you about two weeks high shine with no chips.