Our Lash Lift technic is the newest and safest way to give your natural lashes a lift and tint. The treatments take 1 hour, and all you need to do is lay down with your eyes closed. It can be a very relaxing treatment for most. We start the treatment by using soft plastic shields placed on your eyelids. We then guide your lashes one by one up onto the shield fixing them with a very mild glue. This will keep the lashes in the position we want them in while we carry out your treatment. Starting with a perming lotion on the base of your eyelashes we leave that on between 8-12 minutes. This depends on the coarseness of your eyelashes and also depending on the colour of them.

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Eyebrow lash tinting in Canterbury by Beauty Spa


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Then we remove the lotion thoroughly we apply a fixing lotion to your lashes and leave this on for a further 8-15 minutes. After removing this completely, we then use an eyelash tint in either black, brown or blue/black. This will depend on the desired effect. Once everything has been left on for the desired amount of time we remove everything leaving your eyelashes will be fixed in an upright position for 6-8 weeks. There isn’t much aftercare just for the first 48 hours we say no makeup, no water and try not to touch them. After that initial 48 hours, you can do what you want, i.e., putting on makeup touching, etc.

To give your lash lift the best results we suggest having the treatments every 8-10 weeks. This is so the curl has some time to drop, and also your eyelashes have had a chance to relax and recover. From having product on them as although it does not damage your natural lashes when exposing any form of hair to products too often, it can cause a slight dryness and we want to keep your eyelashes in the best condition possible.