Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument or as it’s more commonly known as CACI is a form of microcurrent. Which is often described as ‘facial toning or non-surgical face lifting. This is due to the dramatic effect that micro-current has on facial muscles and facial contours. Every facial will be slightly different for every client. We do stick to the main routine to ensure that we connect with every facial muscle each time. During every treatment, all 32 facial muscles are physically manipulated using soft cotton tipped wands (probes). Conducting the exact level of frequency that the practitioner will tailor to you so that you can see the best results from every CACI facial.



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We start by cleansing the skin so that the frequency has no barrier between the probes and the skin and muscle. Next, we go through our routine using the ‘gliding’ stage which will get the muscles to contract and relax as we want them to. We then move onto the ‘quick’ stage or the ‘reminding’ stage which although similar to the first ‘gliding’ stage. Some of the movements are slightly different as well as it being on a little stronger frequency. Then comes the ‘feathering’ stage of the facials this is the part of the facial that is just for the skin. Using a vitamin A moisturiser all over the skin we use the machine to push it deeper than we could get by just massaging in with our hands.

Each facial may have facial pads added just to give a bigger boost to your CACI treatment. That’s something that would be discussed depending on the slack of your facial muscles. Although you can see results from your very first treatment, we do recommend that you have a course of CACI facials. This is so that you will see the best results. A course of treatments is usually between 10-15 facials. Your neck muscles will not be treated in the facial until after your 7th treatment as they’re stronger and longer muscles so could drag down facial muscles. A course of CACI facials should be done twice a week every week until the course is complete. After the course of facials is complete, then we suggest coming in for a maintenance facial every 4-6 weeks. Just to maintain the facial muscles strength and keep them in place.