Laser Skin Rejuvenation uses the laser light to treat a large selection of treatments on the skin. This includes; fine lines, wrinkles, active acne treatment, acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, tightening, collagen stimulation. Before your first treatment, your therapist will discuss your treatment in detail. Explaining how it works and the outcome you will see and also any reactions your skin may have during or after each treatment.

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Some medication or health conditions can affect the skin and the area you wanted to treat. So we go through every medication or health and lifestyle factor before doing the treatment. You can use the laser to treat not only your facial skin but also the skin on your neck, chest and hands. You can choose to target specific areas such as a pigment spot. Or you can treat the entire face which will benefit the specific area and also the skin as a whole giving it a more rejuvenated look. After the treatment, your skin can be slightly red due to the laser light being quite intense. Your skin will go down quite quickly after the treatment. The regularity of your treatments will depend on the area of your skin and the specific condition you are treating. It could be anywhere from weekly to every 6 weeks. This will be discussed during your first consultation before the treatment.

Before each treatment we take pictures. This is to see how well the laser is working and the effects it’s having on your skin. While having these treatments done we take into consideration your lifestyle and any factors that could cause the skin to change. Or not improve as it should and we will recommend different products during and after the treatment. This is to keep the skin improving even once the course of treatments are finished.