What are Manual Facials?

Manual Facials are a great way to remove toxins and impurities from your skin. As well as giving it a natural glow to give a brighter more awake look. In all of our facials, we use vitamin A rich products. Encouraging your skin to absorb it as it’s a vitamin that’s already found in your skin. Although everyone is born with lots of it, your body naturally depletes it as you grow older. As it is the main component of what keeps your skin in good condition from natural plumpness and glow to also keeping the skin’s collagen and elasticity intact.

Manual facial treatments in Canterbury by Beauty Spa


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Each facial will be slightly different for everyone, and you will be treated for what your skin needs. Vitamin A is such a potent ingredient we can treat a broad range of skin types from dull and dry skin to acne. As well as helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Every treatment starts with a consultation so that both you and the therapist will understand the specifics of what your skin needs. And what you want to receive from your treatments. Once the facial routine has been discussed, we will go forward with the treatment. This will include a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, face massage and finishing with a moisturiser. All of which will be specifically tailored to you and what your skin will need. Some people like to have facials quite regularly and some more sparse.

We do suggest making it a habit to have it more regularly as well as having a good skin care routine at home. So that you can keep up the results that you receive from having your facials in the beauty spa. We will always recommend skin care products and different makeup brands that would best suit you and your skin type. That wouldn’t cause irritation or affect the result of the facials.