The high frequency facial is a mechanical facial which is performed by using a machine with a safe, gentle and pain free electrical current that passes through a glass probe onto the skin. The glass probe is filled by the machine with neon gas which transfers into an ozone and is then moved around the surface of the skin using oxygen cream and if sensitive skin we can use s medical gauze. The main affect of the high frequency facial is the natural healing benefits from the ozone, this has antibacterial factors so is a great way to treat skin which is prone to break outs or acne skins. It works by shrinking the enlarged pores on the face which removes bacteria from the enlarged pore or the spot that is on the surface of the skin. With the high frequency reducing the size of pores this will help treat and prevent stubborn acne. Bacteria will be removed from the surface dog the skin so this will reduce the size of spots in 24-48 hours so this is great as a long and short term fix as it can be done in time for the weekend or to treat a problem area. 


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Along with treating acne and break out skin it is also great for improving skin tone and texture and encouraging the renewal of skin cells within the skin, and helping fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother. Some A list celebrities have been known to post on social media and speak in the press about having high frequency facials some of these are Anthony Joshua, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston. This treatment is not painful and completely safe but you may feel a slight warm tingling sensation. However if you suffer with broken capillaries, spider veins and areas of rosacea , have a history of heart disease or a pacemaker it’s advised you don’t not have this treatment done. Also do not use high frequency at anytime during pregnancy.