Manicures are a great way to maintain your nails health. Even if you choose not to have coloured nail polish, there’s still lots you can do. Your hands are used all day every day, so your nails can then suffer. This can result in ridges, broken or sore nails, having a manicure can help to fix this problem. During a manicure, your therapist will ask you what it is you’d like to receive from your treatment and or if you had any problems with your hands or nails. Once this consultation has happened depending on what you needed we’d start with a nice hand soak in warm water while we use a hand exfoliate to remove dirt and dead skin cells from your hand and nails.

Shellac Manicure in Canterbury by Beauty Spa


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Once your hands are dry, the therapist will then start by applying a cuticle softener to your cuticle area. This will make it easier when removing your excess cuticles. Our therapists have a unique tool called cuticle nippers to cut off the excess cuticle and ensure it’s a smooth even edge. When your cuticles are all done, we would then move onto filing and buffing your nails. Removing ridges to get your nails to the shape you want from a square, round, squoval, ballerina to pointed, etc. After your nails are in the correct shape and ridges or uneven nail plates have been evened out we would then apply a hand lotion. Massaging that into your hands while helping to remove any tension from your muscles.

After this, if you want to have a coloured nail polish we would then apply that and finish with cuticle oil. If you choose not to have a coloured polish, we would then apply nail strengtheners to your nails. This ensures they still grow and stay in good condition.