Pedicures are a good way to keep your feet in good condition. As they’re abused a lot because you’re always walking around and not everyone wears the correct shoes for their feet. Before your treatment, your therapist will ask you about your wants and needs from this treatment. This will ensure that she can do the best possible treatment for you. In a pedicure, your feet will soak in warm bubbled water then using a cuticle softener and a cuticle removing tool to scrape away the excess cuticle gently. Then also using cuticle nippers to remove any excess cuticle left after taking off the cuticle softener.

Shellac foot Pedicure in Canterbury by Beauty Spa


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Using a buffing tool, we would then remove all ridges or uneven areas on your nail plate. This gives a smoother look as well as filing your toenails to the correct length and shape that suits you. During each pedicure, we use an exfoliating lotion to remove dead skin and give a smoother feel to your feet. For people who suffer from quite hard skin on their feet and would prefer to have a buffer used on their heels and other areas of hard dry skin. We remove it giving a softer more comfortable feel to the area.

Using moisturiser on your foot and lower leg we then massage the area ensuring to include every toe so that it’s soft and smooth. We can also work out any tension within your feet as many people don’t realise how much pressure is held within their feet. If you had chosen to have a coloured nail polish it is at this point we would apply that and finish with cuticle oil. If you decide not to have coloured polish, we would then end with a strengthener and cuticle oil.