Vegan facials are slowly becoming one of the most popular and treatments to have, taking care of not only you and your wonderful skin but also protecting animals and wildlife so not to harm any. Every vegan facial product we use within our treatments has Beauty without cruelty, Leaping bunny and the PETA logo. 

Our specialists will start by looking at your skin and deciding which areas would benefit from a little more attention. Discussing with you your wants and needs from your personally designed facial. Every facial can be tailored made to suit your own personal needs although we do keep the basics the same

Vegan facial skin treatments in Canterbury by Beauty Spa


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Your facial will start with our luxurious cleanser removing makeup, dead skin cells and cleaning the skin, followed by a toner to removed any free radicals that could still be on the skin. Steaming is our next step, this is a great way to freshen the skin leaving it brightened and helping aid the absorption of the vegan products used within our treatment. After your steaming treatment we then do a full exfoliation, this is a must within facials as it removes dead skin cells and evens skin tone and texture as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles so we take our time to exfoliate with our natural completely vegan and harm free products. To make our vegan facials that little more special we have added facial cupping massage as an extra to really help new blood flow through which will in turn produce collagen and elastin tightening your skin. To finish this amazing facial we then moisturise and apply specialised vegan serum to your face to protect and brighten your skin. This is a great facial to give your skin that added boost before an event or just to feel good, although we always recommend having a course of treatments to really rep the benefits of our full vegan and cruelty free facial.

Benefits of Facial Cupping

▪ Improves lymph drainage and therefore good for sinus congestion, puffy eyes and skin detoxifying
▪ Reduces facial sagging, puffiness, uneven skin tone and minimizes dark circles
▪ Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
▪ Improves blood circulation to the skin and enhances the absorption of skin products